Reference Animal model Type and number of transplanted cells Percentage of repopulation Improved liver functions Mouse survival after transplantation
Teratani et al. [118] 129X1/SvJ and BALB/c nude mice (DMN, cirrhosis) mESC-Hep 5 e6/mouse (IV) ND Suppression of onset of fibrosis/cirrhosis plasma fibrinogen Alb ~40% after 12 weeks
Heo et al. [116] MUP-uPA/SCID + CCL4 mESC-Hep 1 e6/mouse (IS) isolated Alb+ cells 1.94% +/- 5.81 after 82 days ND ND
Gouon-Evans et al. [50] Dpp4-/-, Rag2-/- (CCl4 and retrorsine) and Fah-/- mESC-Hep 0.25 - 1.5 e6/mouse (IS) Scattered endothelial and hepatocytic clusters ND ND
Agarwal et al. [121] NOD/SCID (CCl4 and retrorsine, acute liver failure) hESC-Hep 1 e6/mouse (PV) sporadic hepatocytic clusters ND ND
Hay et al. [26] NOD/SCID hESC-Hep 1 e6/mouse (IS) Clusters of CK18/CK19 and Alb cells after 3 days in the spleen Alb  
Cai et al. [25] SCID (CCl4, acute liver failure) hESC-Hep 1 e6/mouse (IS) scattered AAT human cells in livers ND ND
Duan et al. [122] NOD/SCID hESC-Hep 0.5 e6/site (IH) ND Alb ND
Haridass et al. [114] Alb-uPA, Rag2-/-, IL2Rγ-/- ES-Hep 0.5-1 e6/mouse (IS) Few cells scattered and teratoma formation ND ND
Basma et al. [115] NOD/SCID (retrorsine and 50% hepatectomy) Alb-uPA SCID hES-Hep 0.1-0.2 e6/mouse (IS) Isolated ASGPR+ cells Few clusters of albumin+ cells after 28 days Alb, AAT ND
Li et al. [78] Fah-/- mES-Hep 1 e6/mouse (IS) Isolated ckit-Epcam+ 24%+/-15% ND at least 10 weeks
Touboul et al. [27] Alb-uPA, Rag2-/-, IL2Rγ-/- hES-Hep 0.5 e6/mouse (IH) Small and large clusters throughout the liver after 8 weeks AAT Alb ND
Si-Tayeb et al. [17]   hiPSC-Hep 0.3 e6/mouse (IH) ND ND ND
Huang et al. [102] Fah-/-, Rag2-/- m iHep from fibroblasts 0.833 e6/mouse (IS) 5%-80% ALT, AST, Tyrosine, Phenylalanine, Bilirubin 5/12 mice survived after 8 weeks
Sekiya and Suzuki [103] Fah-/- m iHep from fibroblasts (IS) Large clusters of Bilirubin, ALT, ALP, Alb 40% at 10 weeks
Li et al. [119] BALB/c nude (TAA, liver fibrosis) m iPSC-Hep ~0.25 e6/mouse (IV) Scattered cells in the liver after 24h00 ALT, AST, Bilirubin, Ammonia, decreased ROS levels and necrosis ~80% after 14 days
Chang et al. [117] BALBc nude (CCl4, acute liver failure) m iPSC-Hep 0.2-5 e6/mouse (IP) Necrosis : 70% control, 20% transplant ALT, AST, Bilirubin 90% at 14 days
Woo et al. [39] BALBc nude (CCl4, acute liver failure) hES-Hep / hiPSC-Hep 2 e6/mouse (IS) Isolated ICG+ cells ~20% at day 3 versus ~10% after 35 days Alb ND
Chen et al. [38] NOD/SCID (CCl4, acute liver failure) hiPSC -Hep (IS) ND rescue of hepatic necrosis glutamyl oxaloacetic aminotransferase glutamyl pyruvic aminotransferase Bilirubin lactate dehydrogenase HepPar1 Alb 5/7 (71%) after 21 days
Liu et al. [41] NSG (DMN, cirrhosis) hiPSC-Hep 0.1-2 e6/mouse (IV) 2 to 17% Alb, CYP2E1 90% after 8 weeks
He et al. [113] Fah-/- mESC-Hep (IS) 0.001%-12.5% after 8-10 weeks ALT, AST, Bilirubin, Alb, succinylacetone, tyrosine and phenylalanine secretion 30% of wt FAH activity in recipients 8/20 survived after 2nd transplantation
Bandi et al. [120] CD17.NOD/SCID (Rif + Phen + MCT, acute liver failure) hESC-MEC 4-6 e6/mouse (IP with microcarriers) Detection of transplanted cells in the peritoneal cavity Endogeneous hepatocytes proliferation Phenobarbital metabolism Ammonium chloride 11/11 after 14 days (MCT 125, mild injury) 38% after 2 weeks (MCT 160, strong injury)
PSC: pluripotent stem cell, IV: intra venous injection; IS: intra splenic injection; IH: intra hepatic injection; IP: intra peritoneal injection; hESC-MEC: hESC meso-endodermal cells. Detection in serum of Alb (Albumin), AAT (alpha 1 anti-trypsin), ALT (alanine aminotransferase), AST (aspartate aminotransferase), bilirubin, AP (Alkaline phosphatase) and CYP2E1 activity.
Table 2: Summary of in vivo functions of PSC-Hep in mice.