Figure 4: Transplants of neurosphere cell suspensions. A) Cell transplant located in the hippocampus is characterized by a linear tract of the the CFDA labeled cells (24 hours post-transplantation). Scale bar = 200Ám. B) Higher magnification of the transplant in (A) shows individual cells and processes within the dentate gyrus. Section is counterstained with DAPI to visualize the nuclei. Scale bar = 100 Ám. C) Transplant located in the cerebral cortex shows numerous CFDA containing cells confined to the path of the needle tract. Scale bar = 100 Ám. D) High magnification to illustrate the details of a CFDA labelled cell. Scale bar = 25 Ám. E) Group of cells in a 7 day old transplant that express FMRP. Scale bar = 50 Ám. F). Single cell stained for FMRP and containing the green CFDA label in the cytoplasm. Scale bar = 20 Ám.