Figure 2: Tumor formation in the abdomen of w1118 host flies, after transplantation of overproliferating brain tissue of brat, numb or pros RNAi knockdown. Top panel: confocal images of third instar larval brains labeled with mCD8::GFP (green) with respective genotypes and drivers (scale bars are 50 m). tub-Gal4 (tubulin) drives UAS mCD8::GFP (green) in bratk06028 mutant. Bottom panel: w1118 host flies transplanted with pieces of central brain (shown by red outline) of the corresponding genotypes. (Black spot on the abdomen is the scar of the point of injection). The transplantation of bratk06028 mutant; brat, numb or pros RNAi knockdowns, induce tumor formation (green abdomen) in contrast to wild type (wt) control in host flies. n represents the number of tumor-positive host flies out of the total number of transplanted host flies and the percentage of tumor formation is shown at the respective time point.