Temperature dependence of tumor formation in w1118 host flies after transplantation of third instar larval

brain pieces of pros-RNAi knockdown using insc-Gal4 driver

Temperature Time after Transplantation Percentage of
Number of tumor-positive flies/total number of transplanted flies
29 oC 1 week 72% 13/18
2 weeks 80% 12/15
25 oC 1 week 67% 8/12
2 weeks 70% 7/10
18 oC 2 weeks 8% 1/12
3 weeks 16% 2/12
4 weeks 72% 5/7
Table 1: pros-RNAi driven by insc-Gal4 in all brain neuroblasts results in an overproliferation, which results in tumor formation in host flies upon transplantation. The frequency of tumor formation at different time points (after transplantation) is recorded and displays a marked temperature dependence effect, with maximum frequency of tumor formation seen at 29C, intermediate at 25C and minimum at 18C.