Figure 3: Migratory abilities of Human fetal MSC is affected by the blocking of PAR1 receptor. (A) Western blot analysis was performed on 35μg of protein extracts from human adult MSC-1 and passage matched human fetal MSC S8, S27, S33 and S64 using anti-PAR1 antibody. Normalization was performed using antibody against pan actin. (B) Effect of anti-PAR1 blocking antibody on the in vitro migration of MSC-1, S8 and S33 toward HuH-7 conditioned medium was examined using a modified Boyden chamber assay. (i) Bar graph represents percentage of migrated cells normalized to S8 Naïve cells. Data shown are averages of triplicates ± SEM from representative experiments. (ii) Representative photomicrographs of migrated human adult MSC (MSC-1) or human fetal MSC (S8 and S33) in the absence and presence anti-PAR1 or anti- IgG1. Original magnification x200.