Figure 2: Tumorigenicity was enhanced in RSP-K12V cells compared with that in RNSP-K12V cells.
A) RSPK12V cells and RNSPK12V cells were cultured in DMEM containing 10% FBS. The cell growth rate was then analyzed for ten weeks. The growth rate of RSP-K12V cells was increased after seven weeks of culturing. In contrast, RNSP-K12V cells continue to grow slowly. Cell numbers are represented as the means ±SEM from three independent experiments. * p < 0.05
B) Both RSP-K12V cells and RNSP-K12V cells generated colonies in soft agar. Colony numbers are represented as the means ± SEM from three independent experiments. Scale bar; 2mm
C) RSP-K12V cells and RNSP-K12Vcells were inoculated into the subcutaneous tissue of nude mice (n=8 per group). RSP-K12V cells formed palpable tumors after twenty weeks of inoculation in three mice. In contrast, RNSP-K12V cells formed a tumor in only one mouse after thirty weeks of inoculation. The tumors generated from RSP-K12V cells grew faster and larger than the single RNSP-K12V tumor. Scale bar; 1cm