Marker Target Cell numbers required for tumour formation in vivo Reference
CD44+/CD24-/ESA+ Human breast cancers:
Basal-like, claudin low, Her2-ve, BRCA null, and medullary tumours
200 [4,18]
Cell lines Not tested [17]
CD44+/CD49fhi/CD133+ ERα- tumours 250 [19]
CD49f+ MCF-7 cell line Not tested [21]
CD133+ BRCA- mouse tumours 50 [23]
ALDH+ Human breast cancers:
Triple negative
ERBB2 negative
500 [24]
Cell lines e.g. SUM159 100 [26]
Human breast cancers 20 [24]
PROCR+/ESA+ MDA-MB-231 cell line 100 [17]
Table 2: Markers used to isolate breast cancer cell subpopulations enriched for tumorigenic capacity.