A) Control cells were vital after 24 hours of cultivation.
B) P. aeruginosa PA01 infected BMMSCs shows total dissipation at 24 hours with all bacteria loads.
C) S. aureus Cowan I and
D) S. aureus KK1089 formed enormous aggregates and caused the decrease in viability as determined by Trypan blue.
E) S. epidermidis ATCC 14990 and
F) S. epidermidis KK1087 showed also total dissipation of BMMSCs at 24 hours of infection. Magnification power was 200x in all panels. Red circles indicate Trypan blue positive nuclei. Red asterisks indicate the aggregates produced by S. aureus.
Figure 1: Total dissipation of BMMSC by bacterial infection. BMMSCs (line 412) were infected with bacteria and after 24 hour incubation the cells were stained with Trypan blue and studied microscopically.