Figure 4: Comparison of two subpopulations derived from the same cardiac outgrowth population from neonatal mice. After 2 months in culture, one subpopulation partially lost the original morphology (A), whereas the other maintained it (B). Flow cytometric analyses of cell-surface markers for the subpopulations with conserved (C) or altered (D) morphology (for comparison, flow cytometric data of the same population shown in panel C for the 2-month time point are shown in Figure 3A for the 5-month time point). (E) Double-label flow cytometric analyses of CD133, CD45, CD106 and CD44 expression in the subpopulation with conserved morphology. (F) qRT-PCR analysis of mRNA expression of GATA-4 and cardiac a-actinin (data are fold-increases in mRNA copy numbers for the subpopulation with altered morphology compared with that with conserved morphology).