NcoI+MseI     MseI  
Chr Gene Position Chr Gene Position
4 Gm12649 (LincRNA) - 3 2700069I18Rik (LincRNA) -
10 Atp2b1 Exon 15 5 Kntc1 Intron 24
18 Rbm27 Intron 11 6 Glcci1 Intron 2
      10 Ppp1r12a Intron 4
      13 Rhobtb3 Intron 12
      16 2310008H04Rik Intron 11
Table 1: Vector integration profile in LV1 clone upon multiple infections. The analysis was performed after genomic DNA digestions with NcoI+MseI or MseI restriction enzymes. The integration profile of LV1 has been acquired by LM-PCR and depicted a typical polyclonal integration pattern, as showed by multiple integration sites in open chromatin regions. Insertion sites detected outside genes are shown in bold, and the closest gene identified is reported in the table.