Figure 4: Degradation of genomic DNA as the result of transgenic expression of the human recombinant DNases. Genomic DNA was extracted from the human autologous pluripotent induced stem cells (hapiSCs) (B), human embryonic stem cells (C), and embryonal carcinoma of the ovary (D), were transfected with the anti-SSEA-4 antibody guided vectors carrying coding sequences for DNASE1, DNASE1L3, DNASE2, and DFFB controlled by POLA1 promoter. The hapiSCs transfected with the vectors carrying ORF in reversed orientation (E), and without the vector (F) served as the controls. The 100bp ladder was the reference. Genomic DNA in the transduced cells is completely degradaded (B-D). Genomic DNA of the non-transfected and transfected with the vectors carrying reversed ORF was intact and as such remained in the loading wells (E-F).