Groups Parameters Glycogen (mg/g tissue) Glycogen phosphorylase (mU/100mg tissue) Glucose-6-phosphatase (mU/100mg tissue) Glucokinase (mU/100mg tissue)
Normal control 6.96±0.98a 11.39±0.32b 21.97±0.56b 32.52±0.17b
Diabetic control 4.56±0.29b 21.46±3.64a 31.32±2.37a 32.82±0.83b
Diabetic treated with 4b 5.56±0.28ab 11.10±0.91b 29.05±1.07a 44.65±2.07a
F-probability P<0.05 P<0.01 P<0.01 P<0.001
LSD at the 5% level 1.84 6.56 4.61 4.84
LSD at the 1% level 2.55 9.07 6.38 6.69
Table 6: Effect of pyrimido[1,6-a]quinazoline derivative 4b on liver glycogen content and glycogen phosphorylase, glucose-6-phosphatase and hexokinase activities in n5-STZ induced type 2 diabetic male rats.