Figure 1: Effects of TJ-41 on the induction of NO production and iNOS in proinflammatory cytokine-stimulated hepatocytes. Cultured hepatocytes were treated with IL-1β (1 nM) in the presence or absence of TJ-41 (2-6mg/ml). A: Effects of TJ-41 (6 mg/ml) treatment for the indicated times on NO production (IL-1β, open circles;IL-1β+TJ-41, filled circles; TJ-41, filled triangles; controls (without IL-1β and TJ-41), open triangles). B: Effects of treatment with various doses of TJ-41 (2-6 mg/ml) for 8 h on NO production (upper). The levels of nitrite were measured in the culture medium (data are means ± SD for n=3 dishes/point; *P<0.05 vs. IL-1β alone). Cell lysates (20 μg of protein) were subjected to SDS-PAGE in a 7.5% gel, and immunoblotted with an anti-iNOS or anti-β-tubulin antibody (middle and lower). C: Effects of TJ-41 (6mg/ml) treatment for the indicated times on the expression of iNOS mRNA. Total RNA was analyzed by strand-specific RT-PCR to detect iNOS mRNA, using EF mRNA as an internal control.