Figure 5: Effects of TJ-41 on the transactivation of the iNOS promoter. A: Schematic representation of the promoter region of the iNOS gene. Two reporter constructs are shown beneath the iNOS gene and mRNA. The constructs consist of the rat iNOS promoter (1.2 kb), a luciferase gene and the SV40 poly(A) region (pRiNOS-Luc-SVpA) or iNOS 3’-UTR (pRiNOS-Luc-3’UTR). ‘An’ indicates the presence of a poly(A) tail. The iNOS 3’-UTR contains AREs (AUUU(U)A × 6), which contribute to mRNA. B and C: Each construct was introduced into hepatocytes, and the cells were treated with IL-1β (1 nM) in the presence or absence of TJ-41 (6 mg/ml) for 8 h for pRiNOS-Luc-SVpA (B) and 5 h for pRiNOS-Luc-3’UTR (C). The luciferase activities were normalized by the β-galactosidase activity. The fold activation was calculated by dividing the luciferase activity by the control activity (without IL-1β and TJ-41). Data are means ± SD for n=4 dishes. *P<0.05 vs. IL-1β alone.