Groups Parameters Insulin (µIU/mL) C-peptide (pmol/mL)
Fasting 2 hours Fasting 2 hours
Normal control 30.73±4.83b 41.91±0.64a 158.60±6.26b 209.23±21.88a
Diabetic control 13.66±1.54c 14.40±1.79c 47.85±3.46d 58.74±3.95cd
Diabetic treated with 4b 29.90±5.25b 34.41±5.60ab 65.19±3.40cd 172.17±10.03b
F-probability P<0.001 P<0.001
LSD at the 5% level 11.07 29.91
LSD at the 1% level 14.91 40.29
Table 5: Effect of pyrimido[1,6-a]quinazoline derivative 4b on serum insulin and C-peptide levels at fasting state and after 2 hours of oral glucose loading in n5-STZ induced type 2 diabetic female rats.