Groups Parameters Total thiol (nmole/100mg) Glutathione (nmole/100mg) Lipid Peroxidation (nmole MDA/100mg) Glutathione reductase (U/g) Glutathione peroxidase (mU/100mg) Glutathione-S-transferase (U/100mg) Catalase (k.102)
Normal 241.72±4.59a 63.13±2.94a 44.27±1.38ab 10.88±0.90a 96.30±1.18b 33.52±23.78a 60.27±0.99b
Diabetic control 203.33±14.33b 54.93±1.56b 48.92±4.29a 10.24±0.03a 88.87±1.67b 26.62±2.05b 72.08±3.35a
Diabetic treated with 4b 235.85±4.13ab 59.85±0.83ab 37.23±1.84b 10.58±0.28a 134.1±10.35a 26.45±1.64b 57.38±5.79b
F-probability P<0.05 P<0.05 P<0.05 P>0.05 P<0.001 P<0.05 P<0.05
LSD at the 5% level 27.16 5.95 8.48 - 8.17 6.17 11.76
LSD at the 1% level 37.55 8.23 11.73 - 11.29 8.53 16.27
Table 11: Effect of pyrimido[1,6-a]quinazoline derivative 4b on oxidative stress and antioxidant defense markers in liver of n5-STZ induced type 2 diabetic female rats.