Figure 3: Wild-typemGluR6expression in (A) induced and (B) uninduced HEK293S stable cell lines.mGluR6, actin and nucleus are stained green, red and blue, respectively. (C) Dot blot with serial dilutions of membranes fromWT and cysteine mutants. Predetermined concentrations of rhodopsin are included on the dot blot as a positive control. Anti-1D4 antibody is used to probe both mGluR6 and rhodopsin. (D) Densitometry analysis of dot blot - signal (arbitrary units) versus concentration curve for rhodopsin used for estimating concentrations of WT and mutant mGluR6. The concentrations in pM/mg of total membrane protein as derived from the standard curve are: WT: 88, C754A: 93, C765A: 38, C793A: 0.37, C754A/C765A: 27, C765A/C793A: 91, C754A/C793A: 40 and C754A/C765A/C793A: 128.