Figure 2: Characterization of the major molecular weight profile for covalent gemcitabine-(C4-amide)-[anti-HER2/neu] immunochemotherapeutics compared to anti-HER2/neu monoclonal immunoglobulin. Legends: (Lane-1) murine anti-human HER2/neu monoclonal immunoglobulin reference control; and (Lane-2) covalent gemcitabine-(C4-amide)-[anti-HER2/neu] immunochemotherapeutic. Covalent gemcitabine immunochemotherapeutic and anti-HER2/ neu monoclonal immunoglobulin were size-separated by non-reducing SDSPAGE followed by lateral transfer onto sheets of nitrocellulose membrane to facilitate detection with biotinylated goat anti-mouse IgG immunoglobulin. Subsequent analysis entailed incubation of nitrocellulose membranes with strepavidin-HRPO in combination with the use of a HRPO chemiluminescent substrate for the acquisition of autoradiography images.