Figure 5: Docked poses of H3 and H4 with key fragment hits (A), two distinct docking poses of f1 in H3 (B), f3 in H3 (C), H4 with f2 (D), H4 with f3.The ribbon color coding of TMs 1 to 7 is dark orange, pink, red, purple, dark red, orange and light yellow respectively, with ICLs and ECLs in dark green. The ligand carbon atoms are shown in green for f1 and f2 (A and C) and cyan for f3 (B and D) and those of receptors in yellow. Nitrogen atoms are shown in blue, oxygen in red, sulfur in yellow and fluorine in light green. Interactions with key residues are indicated by black dotted lines and the surface of the binding sites are shown in pink and clipped to allow a better view of the four sub- pockets.