Figure 5: Microscopic histological section of excised wound tissues. Histological wound tissues section stained with haematoxylin and eosin. (A): 10% w/w methanol leaf of M. arboreus cream, (B): 5% w/w aqueous leaf of A. cordifolia cream, (C): 5% w/w ethanol leaf of A. cordifolia cream, (D): 1% w/w silver sulphadiazine cream, (E): aqueous cream only and (F): untreated wound tissues; DF: Dense Fibrosis; AF: Active Fibrosis; MC: Moderate Collagenation; IC: Inflammatory Cells; MF: Mild Fibrosis; SIC: Scanty Inflammatory Cells; TI: Thin Inflammatory; TF: Thin Fibrosis; DI: Dense Inflammation; Magnification: 600X.