Figure 9(a): Redocked conformer of AQ4 in the active site of the protein EGFR (PDB ID 1M17), 9(b) 2D representation of ligand AQ4, 10(a).Active site of the protein EGFR (PDB ID 1M17) with molecular model compound 108 and 10(b). Schematic 2D representation of interaction of compound 108 with protein EGFR in the binding pocket. Active site amino acid residues are represented as tubes, while the inhibitor is shown as ball and stick model with the atoms colored as carbon: green, hydrogen: cyan, nitrogen: blue, oxygen: red. Hydrogen bond interactions are represented by yellow dotted lines Pose view: black dashed lines - hydrogen bonds, salt bridges, metal interactions; green solid lines - hydrophobic interactions; green dashed lines - Pi-Pi, Pi-cation interaction.