Figure 4 : TBQ induces cytotoxicity in cancer cells from CML patients.
(A) TBQ induced proliferation inhibition of mononuclear cancer cells. Cancer cells from 3 CML patients were treated with TBQ at the indicated doses for 48 hours and the cell viability was detected by MTS assay. Mean ± SD (n=3). The most typical histograms of 2 patients are shown. (#1: IM-sensitive patient; #3: IM-resistant patient). (B, C) TBQ induces cell death of cancer cells from either IM-sensitive or IM-resistant CML patients. Cancer cells isolated from 3 CML patients were incubated with TBQ for 24 hours, followed by detecting the PI-positive cells under an inverted microscope (B), or staining with Annex in V/PI and cell apoptosis was analyzed by flow cytometry (C). Cell death data from flow cytometry were summarized in the graph shown at the right panel, Mean±SD (n=3). The most typical images of 2 patients were shown. (#2: IMsensitive patient; #3: IM-resistant patient). *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01, versus vehicle control.