Figure 6: Integrity of the LC projection to the hippocampus. Within the LC, there is a decrease in TH staining (A) after 2 weeks LPS infusion (p<0.001) that is resolved by 4 weeks (B). Scale bar=200 μm. Compared to controls, DBH staining intensity was reduced in CA3 and DG of LPS 2w and elevated in CA3 of LPS 4w and LPS 8w (*p ≤ 0.007, C). DBH staining is more dense in LPS 4w CA3 and LPS 8w DG (p ≤ 0.028) than LPS 2w in the corresponding regions. LPS 8w CA3 is more dense with DBH staining than both LPS 2w and LPS 4w (p ≤ 0.009, D).
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