Knowledge to Action Framework component Action research process for community care professionals
Identify the problem Informal discussions with community care management and review of the literature
Adapt knowledge to local context First action research session to understand the context for community care health professionals; and their role within the organisation (care managers, assessment officers, and direct care workers)
Identifying barriers to knowledge use Subsequent action research sessions to identify the barriers and strengths within individuals and the organisation from which to develop a plan of action/change
Select, tailor, implement intervention After three action research sessions, the community care professionals decide upon an action plan to implement over a 3-4 month period to address specific concerns regarding falls prevention for PLWD
Monitor knowledge use Monitor progress of the action plan via email as needed
Evaluate outcomes/sustain knowledge use The final action research session will encourage community care professionals to reflect on their action plan over the last 3-4 months, the challenges and the successes with a focus on how these changes can be sustained.
Table 1: Components of the Knowledge to Action Framework for the intervention with community care professionals.