Characteristic items

Faculty Support

The perception that faculty members are motivating, positive, friendly, attentive to students’ needs and problems (personal, social and intellectual), willing and able to provide advice and guidance, have good relationship with students and demonstrate professional competence in teaching.

With regard to the teaching faculty members, I know they generally

  1. propel me to do the best on learning
  2. understand students’ difficulties encountered or may encountered in learning

Non-faculty Support

The perception that non-faculty members are friendly, supportive and professional, have ability to respond to students’ needs, and provide accurate and comprehensible information/services.

With regard to the non-teaching faculty members whom I know/ have encountered/contacted with, they generally

  1. have friendly attitude and are happy to provide assistance
  2. provide students with services, resources and information that needed

Peer Relationship

The perception of sufficient peer support on the campus, feeling connected, included, accepted, and being well received.

  1. I have many good friends in school
  2. my schoolmates like me

Campus Involvement

Showing keen and broad interests/concerns in different people and issues in the campus, being active in participating in and organizing different activities in the campus, taking initiative to show care to others.

  1. I am very concerned about what has happened on campus
  2. I am happy to participate in the activities that provide support to my junior schoolmates, such as Peer Mentor Programme, etc.


Caring Attitude

Showing caring attitudes, holding an accepting and empathetic attitude toward others, willing to give time and care to others, willing to listen to their problems and to build a caring relationship.

  1. I value the building of a caring relationship with my schoolmates
  2. Mutual care among school-mates is very important

Sense of Belonging

Having a sense of belonging to the University, feeling himself/herself to be a member of it, feeling cared and enjoying being on this campus.

  1. I have fun from this campus
  2. I have developed a sense of belonging to this campus

Sense of Detachment

Feeling lonely and helpless on campus, being alienated by some classmates, finding that some classmates are not interested in him/her, and having difficulty expressing his/her care for others.

  1. I feel lonely on this campus (*)
  2. I feel I am alienated by my schoolmate(s) (*)
Note: (*) -reversed items
Table 1: Definition of the Caring Factors with Typical Characteristic Items.