Responses: Going through pregnancy and labour procedure might be like adding pain to pain;
• I am indifferent though the idea of getting pregnant is scary;
• I am not sure I can combine the stress to the SCD crises;
• I am afraid; the pregnancy crises might be worse than what I am currently experiencing during menstruation;
• Pregnancy may worsen the frequency of crises and degree of excruciating pain that I experience monthly;
• I am scared, because I know someone who died of pregnancy complications;
• I do not want to imagine the painful crises it may cause, I just want to live one day at a time;
• I do not want to talk about it because, already, I do not know which SCD crises I will survive;
• If God enables me to get pregnant, he will deliver me, but the SCD painful crises may be worse as I am told that pregnant women go through all sorts of crises;
• I may refuse to get pregnant so as not to complicate things for myself;
• I assume the crises will be dreadful
Table 16: Respondents’ negative feelings about pregnancy