Scale Items α
Self-Efficacy for CBT How would you rate your capacity for: 0.897
  using CBT for treating major depression in adults?  
setting and agenda?
conceptualizing your client's problems using the cognitive model?
teaching CBT skills, such as eliciting and testing automatic thoughts or activity scheduling?
maintaining the structure of CBT sessions?
Client CBT Ability How would you rate your depressed clients' abilities to: 0.920
  adapt to CBT methodology?  
contribute to the agenda in each session?
follow the structure of CBT?
understand the concept of the cognitive model?
recognize their automatic thoughts?
complete the assigned homework or equivalent task?
Efficacy of CBT In the following areas, how would you rate CBT's ability to: 0.902
  meet an individual client's needs?  
match a client's level of functioning?
guide a client to a better understanding of his/her problems?
maintain a strong therapeutic alliance with the therapist?
allow the client to take an active role in the therapeutic process?
focus on specific goals by using a highly structured format?
Self-Efficacy as a Therapist How would you rate your capacity for: 0.927
  empathizing with the client?  
  adapting to the needs of the client?
developing a positive therapeutic alliance?
identifying and prioritizing your client's problems?
implementing effective therapeutic interventions?
working collaboratively with client?
Table 1: Therapist self-efficacy survey: four subscales