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     The rational gamblers The compatibility seekers The youngsters group The Mature Group
The main theme Mate selection as a gambling process: The participants allowed themselves only a brief dating period, so decision is not based on significant acquaintance of the partner Mate selection as a screening process: The participants approached the process with a fixed internal representation of the “right” type of partner, and during the process, examined the extent of which the potential partner fit this model Mate selection as a social process:
The participants experienced a conflict of loyalties between social and religious values, "forcing" young people to get married quickly, and their desire for self-fulfillment
Mate selection as an internal process:
The participants examined potential partners from a personal point of view and mentioned the fact that they had not allowed the traditional and social space to influence their choice
Number of couples 4 couples 3 couples 5 couples 6 couples
Table 2: Mate selection themes summary