Type Number of respondents per type Illustrative Quotes
Lack of Skills-based Training 8 “Not enough hands on training.”
“Since psychotherapy is a technique or a skill, I want to be learning/practising how to do it, not just learning about it.”
“I wish there was more focus on principles & approaches of psychotherapy that could be put to use in everyday patient encounters.”
“Not enough emphasis on practical aspects.”
“Not enough supervision, not enough practical exposure, not enough instruction on conducting psychotherapy.”
Lack of Integration 2 “Lack of facilitation of psychotherapy during rotations.”
Lack of Multimedia 3 “Often no videotaped examples.”
“Not enough opportunities to observe actual sessions (via videotapes, etc.).”
“Not enough supervision, not enough video.”
Amount of Didactics 2 “Too much didactics.”
“Too much focus on didactic lectures.”
Table 4: Deficiencies in the Program's Psychotherapy Teaching.