Type Number of respondents per type Illustrative Quotes
Align with Royal College Requirement 2 “We need to be made aware of what Royal College requires during residency and make sure (individually with help of program) that we meet the requirements by end of 5th year.”
“Prepare residents for exam type questions surrounding Psychotherapy.”
Incorporate More Skills Based Training 5 “More hands on approach.”
“More demonstration.”
“More hands on, less didactic.”
“Include less didactic, more interactive teaching, potentially live patient/SP.”
“There needs to be individual supervision, less didactics.”
Need for Integration 2 “We need to have structured facilitation with real patients during rotations.”
“Incorporate it with teaching of other topics.”
“Put it all together, as opposed to disjointed the way it is now.”
Preference for Multimedia 1 “Online modules (such as the PTeR program).”
Table 5: Recommendations for Change.