Serum Glutamic Oxaloacetic Transaminase
r=0.345 p=0.000** Serum Glutamic Pyruvic Transaminase
r=0.013 p=0.727 r=0.003 p=0.940 Serum Albumin Level
r=0.018 p=0.622 r=0.045 p=0.232 r=0.049 p=0.189 Blood Urea Level
r=0.018 p=0.232 r=0.103 p=0.006** r=0.049 p=0.804 r=0.12 p=0.000** Blood Urea & Nitrogen
r=0.013 p=0.725 r=0.041 p=0.272 r=0.017 p=0.651 r=0.024 p=0.525 r=0.18 p=0.624 Creatinine Clearance
r=0.006 p=0.908 r=0.097 p=0.009** r=0.022 p=0.662 r=0.014 p=0.1782 r=0.02 p=0.0592* r=0.067 p=0.194 Cyclosporine Peak Level
r=0.089 p=0.000 r=0.052 p=0.169 r=0.063 p=0.045* r=0.014 p=0.708 r=0.016 p=0.665 r=0.001 p=0.980 r=0.411 p=0.000** Cyclosporine Trough Level
r=0.025 p=0.479 r=0.097 p=0.009** r=0.01 p=0.789 r=0.112 p=0.003** r=0.109 p=0.003** r=0.037 p=0.316 r=0.05 p=0.917 r=0.025 p=0.479 Cyclosporine Dosage
**Correlation is significant at the 0.01 level *Correlation is significant at the 0.05 level
Table 6: Attained correlation with the co-efficient as well as statistical p-values indicator noted among diversified laboratory variables as well as daily dosage of cyclosporine (n=522).