Figure 2: The single and multi-parametric analysis revealed a sensitive period for peer-social learning during P5-P10
a. The quantified behavioral difference of GII, IGI and IIG with comparing the bipolar types of Grp and Iso. Note the similarity of IGI to Grp in ‘delta Theta’, ‘Freeze’ (black arrows), parallelly, the similar features of GII to Iso. Statistical significance was evaluated by ANOVA and the significance with Iso or with GII was demarcated by symbol * or +, respectively
b-e. Multi-parametric correlation analysis, BOUQUET based on PCA
In the 1st -2nd component plane, five ellipses approximated each distribution of PCA scores (b) with the comparison of each component score (c and d). The fifteen factor loading vectors (shown only positive direction) were shown with each parameter having the longer correlation than 0.7 (e)
f. Wilks’ lambda distribution analysis of the PCA scores. IGI were the most similar chicks to Grp comparing with either GII or IIG