Abbreviation Content of parameter for PCA Unit
Ubiquinol Olasma ubiquinol Ug/ml
V Social approach (velocity to a peer) Mm/sec
LP-LO Lp of low-O area sec/sec
LP-LG Local preference (LP) of low-G area sec/sec
Sy-close Frequency of synchronized approaching sec/sec
Sp-away Frequency of synchronized avoidance sec/sec
e-call e-call (alert) frequency sec/sec
ɵ ave Head direction to a peer °
Shake Shaking (alert) frequency sec/sec
postBG Blood glucose after behavioral trest mg/ml
IR ave Body temperature measured by infrared camera °C
Ubiquinol Plasma ubiquinone Ug/ml
Ssp-away Frequency of super-spontaneous avoidance sec/sec
LP-LC Lp of low-C area sec/sec
IR sd Standard deviation of body tempearature °C
ɵ<45° Frequency of face to peer sec/sec
Table 1: The behavioral and physiological parameters for PCA used in this study.