Groups Control Arsenic Arsenic + THC THC
AST             (min/mg protein) 120.48±7.84a 168.02±9.12b 143.09±6.77c 118.41±4.78d
ALT              (min/mg protein) 46.68±4.52a 78.37±3.14b 59.46±5.23c 38.92±5.18d
ALP            (min/mg protein) 89.64±6.75a 118.58±8.04b 109.07±7.47c 82.96±6.05d
LDH            (min/mg protein) 149.78±8.64a 186.52±7.58b 169.57±9.02c 140.66±6.17d
GGT                (µg/mg protein) 0.54±0.05a 0.98±0.06b 0.76±0.07c 0.46±0.02d
Bilirubin           (µg/mg protein) 0.18±0.04a 0.54±0.07b 0.34±0.06c 0.09±0.05d
Values are mean ± SD for 6 rats in each group; a, b, c and d Values are not sharing a common superscript letter (a, b, c and d) differ significantly at p<0.05 (DMRT).
Table 2: Effect of THC on the levels of AST, ALT, ALP, LDH, GGT and Bilirubin in the liver of control and experimental rat