Groups Control Arsenic Arsenic + THC THC
GSH(µg/mg protein) 64.45±3.53a 38.54±2.91b 52.32±3.21c 66.93±4.02d
TSH (µg/mg protein) 18.04±0.25a 9.73±0.26b 13.29±0.45c 22.79±0.39d
Vitamin C (µmol/mg tissue) 2.94±0.09a 1.28±0.06b 2.03±0.04c 3.48±0.08d
Vitamin E (µmol/mg tissue) 0.32±0.04a 0.17±0.03b 0.26±0.04c 0.38±0.06d
Values are mean ± SD for 6 rats in each group; a, b, c and d Values are not sharing a common superscript letter (a, b, c and d) differ significantly at p<0.05 (DMRT). The levels of GSH and TSH were expressed as μg/mg protein. The levels of vitamins C and E were expressed as μmol/mg tissue.
Table 4: Effect of THC on the levels of GSH, TSH, vitamins C and E in the liver of control and experimental rats.