Figure 1: Cellular respiration without addition. In each Panel, a forebrain fragment was placed in the O2 vial that contained 1.0 mL PBS alone, PBS + 5 mM glucose or RPMI medium (contained 11.1 mM glucose) supplemented with 0.5% fat-free bovine albumin and 3 μM Pd phosphor. The vials were sealed from air and the O2 concentration was determined at 37°C as a function of time. The lines are exponential and linear fits. For Panels D-F, the rate of respiration (k, μM O2 min-1) was the negative of the slope of [O2] vs. t. The values of kc (μM O2 min-1 mg-1) and the additions of cyanide (CN) and glucose oxidase (catalyzed the reaction: D-glucose + O2 → D-glucono-δ-lactone + H2O2) are shown. Glucose oxidase was added to confirm available O2 in the solution. The “mg” values in the corner of the graph are the mg of tissue.