Figure 4: Comparison of the obtained amino acid sequence from tryptic peptides of the Btae TX-I with others Asp49 PLA2. BthTX-II of bothropstoxin II from Bothrops jararacussu [50], Cr-IV-1 from Calloselasma rodhostoma [51], PLA2 isoforms (6-1 and 6-2) of the fraction BthTX-II from Bothrops jararacu├žu [21], PLA2 isoforms (BmjeTX-I and BmjeTX-II) from Bothrops marajoensis [34] and PLA2 (BmTX-I) from Bothrops moojeni [31]. The spaces are inserted in the sequences to reach the maxim homology.