Study Group Fundus Superior Temporal Inferior Nasal
Chloroquine Group Abnormal Fundus N=10 eyes 254±24$ 249±21 251±24$ 253±18
Chloroquine Group Normal fundus N=88eyes 253±34* 243±32 253±37* 257±32$
Control Group N=100 eyes 261±22 248±23 262±26 260±24*
    $p=0.456 vs. control *p=0.074 vs. control NS $p=0.282  vs. control *p=0.048  vs. control $p=0.700  vs.Chloroquine abnormal fundus *p=0.473  vs. Chloroquine-abnormal fundus
Table 3: Comparison of macular thickness in cases with or without fundus changes and control group.