Figure 1: Effects of the PI3K inhibitor GSK2126458 on renal cellular respiration. Panels A-B: Each run represented a renal specimen that was collected from a C57BL/6 mouse and processed immediately for measuring cellular respiration in RPMI (A) or PBS (B) with and without the addition of 10 μM GSK2126458. Rate of respiration (k, μM O2 min-1) was the negative of the slope of [O2] vs. t. The values of kc (μM O2 min-1 mg-1) are shown at the bottom of each run. Panels C-D are summaries of all measurements in RPMI (C; 11 separate experiments, 11 mice per condition) and PBS (D; six separate experiments, 7 mice for untreated condition and 6 mice for treated condition). The lines are means.