Figure 2: Effects of GSK2126458 (PI3K inhibitor) and GSK1120212 (MEK inhibitor) on renal cellular respiration. Panel A: Representative runs of renal cellular respiration. Multiple renal specimens were collected from a C57BL/6 mouse and incubated at 37°C in RMPI with and without the addition of 10 μM GSK2126458 alone, 10 μM GSK1120212 alone or combination of both compounds. At designated periods, specimens were removed from the incubation solution, rinsed with RPMI, and then placed in the O2 vial for measuring cellular respiration. Rate of respiration (k, μM O2 min-1) was the negative of the slope of [O2] vs. t. The values of k c (μM O2 min-1 mg-1) are shown at the bottom of each run. Panel B is a summary of all measurements in RPMI (five separate experiments, one mouse per experiment, 8-15 runs per condition); the lines are means.