Figure 1: Effects of treatments with 2-ME on inactive pool of nNOS in OS 143B cells were treated with 2-ME (1 μM, 10 μM) for 8 hours. (A): Afterword, the proteins were separated and analyzed by western blot method. 2-ME was demonstrated to decrease protein level of phospho-nNOS-Ser847. A representative experiment of three performed is shown. (B,C): Level of PP2A-α (B) and PP2A-α (Phospho-Tyr307) (C) were determined by ELISA assay. Values are the mean ± SE of three independent experiments (N=6 replicate cultures). The absence of error bar denotes a line thickness greater than the error. *P<0.01, **P<0.001 versus control cells (C). (D): The levels of PP2CA transcript was determined by means of Real time PCR. Values are mean ± SE of three independent experiments, relative mRNA levels of PP2CA/RPL37A are presented. *P<0.01 versus control cells (C).