Figure 6: Oxidative stress was evaluated using the DCFH assay. MDA-MB-453 cells showed a significant deviation from control when exposed to both organic and inorganic mercury compounds. (F2,63=7.1741; p=0.0016) Cell type was also observed to have a differential effect on the measured oxidative stress (F2,63=349.9; p<0.001). Control values for baseline fluorescence (RFU) was MCF-12A, 371 ± 10; MDA-MB-453, 589 ± 37; MCF-7, 425 ± 11. Data (pre-transformation) were analyzed by one-way ANOVA (treatment X cell line) followed by Dunnett’s test for multiple comparisons to control (0 ppm) mean for each cell line. Data are expressed as mean ± SEM of N=8 in duplicate.