Figure 4: Allium cepa meristematic cells treated with the Black Dye Commercial Product and submitted to the Chromosome Bandings and Fluorescent in situ Hybridization (FISH). A-E. C-Banding. A-B. Anaphases with chromosome bridges: A. without C-banded region and B. with C-banded regions (arrows); C. Cell with micronuclei without C-banded region; D. Chromosome fragment with one C-banded region (arrow); E. Metaphase with chromosome loss, presenting C-banding in telomeric regions; F-J. NOR-Banding. F-G. Micronuclei: F. with nucleolus organizer region (arrow); G. with nucleolus organizer region (arrow) and without nucleolus organizer region (arrow head); H. Cells with two (arrow) and four nucleoli (arrow head); I. Cell with six nucleoli; J. Cell with ten nucleoli; L-O. CMA3 Banding. L-M. Micronuclei: L. without CMA3-banded region and M. with CMA3-banded regions (arrow); N. Anaphase with chromosome bridge without CMA3-banded region; O. Telophase with chromosome bridge without CMA3-banded region and with chromosome loss showing CMA3-banded region (arrow); P-Q. FISH. P. Micronuclei with various small hybridization signals (arrow); Q. Micronuclei without hybridization signal (arrow).