S.N. Parameters Unit Test Methods
1 pH - pH meter
2 Dissolved Oxygen (DO) mg/L Winkler method
3 Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) mg/L 5 days incubation at 20° C and titration of initial and final DO.
4 Chemical Oxygen Demand mg/L Open Reflux Method
5 Conductivity ms/cm Conductivity meter
6 Alkalinity mg/L Titration
7 Total dissolved Solids mg/L Digital conductivity meter (LT-51)
8 Chloride mg/L Argentometric titration
9 Orthophosphate (P043- — P) mg/L Ammonium molybdate ascorbic acid reduction method
10 Nitrate -Nitrogen (NO3 — N) mg/L Spectrophotometric  method
11 Ammonia-Nitrogen (NH3 — N) mg/L Spectrophotometric (Phenate method)
12 Total Hardness as CaCO3 mg/L EDTA titration
13 Fluoride mg/L Colorimetric Method
14 Iron mg/L Colorimetric Method
Table 1: List of Chemical parameters and their test methods.