Variable --------------------Vehicle Speed (km h-1 )--------------
  32 48 64
PM2.5 T11 4.5191bz 5.5914b 7.6613a
PM2.5 T52 2.2379b 3.5369ab 4.5953a
PM2.5 T103 1.0883a 1.0868a 1.7526a
PM2.5 T154 0.5603a 0.5873a 0.7987a
PM2.5 T205 0.2998a 0.4736a 0.5363a
PM2.5 T256 0.1334a 0.3170a 0.3747a
PM2.5 T307 0.03214a 0.04767a 0.16937a
PM2.5 Sum8 8.872b 11.641b 15.740a
zMeans with the same letter are not significantly different (LSD mean) at 0.05 level of significance Difference between vehicle speeds on average: 1(1.07, 2.07); 2(1.3, 1.06); 3(0, 0.66); 4(0.03, 0.21); 5(0.17, 0.06), 6(0.18,0.06), 7(0.01, 0.12), and 8(2.77, 4.1)
Table 8: Average particulate matter (PM2.5) (mg/m3) detected by the DustTrak for three vehicle speeds 1 to 30 seconds after the vehicle passed in front of the instrument.