Figure 1: Effects of Pu-erh tea on WBC and PLT counts in whole body γ-irradiated mice. Mice were divided into 4 groups (10 mice/group). Three of the groups were subjected to ionizing radiation (IR) while one of the IR groups served as an untreated control (IR untreated). Two IR groups were given daily oral doses (2 g/kg in 1 ml distilled water) of unfermented (IR-unferm) or fermented (IR-Ferm) Pu-erh tea beginning 30 days before and continuing until 14 days after irradiating. The nonirradiated (Non-IR) and IR untreated groups were given daily oral administrations of 1 ml distilled water. WBC and PLT counts in the blood were obtained 3 days (Fig.1.A and C) and 14 days (Fig.1.B and D) after irradiating. Data represents mean ± SD, n=10. *: p<0.05, **: p<0.01 versus the IR Untreated group; #: p<0.05, ##: p<0.01, ###: p<0.001 versus the Non-IR group.