Figure 4: Effects of TP and TPO on WBC and PLT counts in whole body γ-irradiated mice. Mice were grouped as described in the legend of Figure 1. Treated mice were administered daily oral doses of either TP (IR TP) or TPO (IR TPO) (0.3 g/kg in 1 ml) from 30 days before to 14 days after IR exposure. Blood was collected from the tail vein 3 and 14 days after whole body irradiation. Counts for WBCs and PLTs on day 3 (Fig.4.A and C) and day 14 (Fig.4.B and D) are shown. Data represents mean ± SD, n=10. *: p<0.05, **: p<0.05 versus the IR Untreated group; #: p<0.05, ##: p<0.01, ###: p<0.001 versus the Non-IR group.