Types of markers Markers expressed References
MSCs surface markers CD29, CD44, CD90, CD105, STRO-1, VCAM (CD106), ALCAM(CD166), vimentin, and α smooth muscle actin, CD200, SSEA4 and CD140a, N-cadherin, CD73, CD13, CD34, CD146, CD54. [50-53]
Pluripotency markers Oct 4, Oct 4A , Nanog, Sox-2, TERT, Stat-3 [53,54]
Cytokine markers IL-6, IL-8, IL-11, IL-12, IL-14, IL-15, LIF, G-CSF, GM-CSF, M-SCF, FL and SCF, ENA-78, GRO, IL-1β, MCP-1, OSM, IP-10, MIF, MIP-3α, osteoprotegerin, TIMP-1, TIMP-2, IL-27 and IL-10R, IL-13R and IL-17R [53,55-57]
Growth factor receptors BFGF-R, FGF-4, FGF-7, FGF-9, PARC, PIGF, TGF-β2, TGF-β3, (Cord Blood-MSCs),PDGF-AB,  IGF-1, VEGF-A and VEGFR-1 (Adult bone marrow MSCs) [16,57-60]
Chemokine  receptors CXCL9, CXCL10, CXCL11, CXCR4, CCR2, CCR5, CX3CR1, CXCR6, CCR1, CCR7, CCR8 and CXCR3 [16,61-63]
Table 2: Molecular Markers of Mesenchymal Stem Cells.