No. of patients Graft Genotyping Recipients (R)/Donor (D) Outcome Reference
1370 MURD (R): CCR5(H1/H1)
(D): CCR5(H1/H1)
349 MURD & MRD (R): CCR5-delta32
(D): CCR5-delta32
No acute GvHD*
1273 MURD (R): nd
(D): CCR5-delta32
GvHD d** [47]
(MURD= matched unrelated donor, MRD= matched related donor, nd= not done, DFS= disease free survival, OS= overall survival, GVHD= graft-versus-host disease) *in the case of CCR5-delta32 for both donor and recipient, respectively **not significant
Table 2: Summary of studies focusing on the outcome of allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in regard to different CCR5 polymorphism.