Figure 2: Serum anti-PCC and anti-MCC Ab levels produced by B6 and BXSB mice (H-2b) immunized with PCC. (A) Genetically normal B6 mice (H-2b) were immunized with PCC emulsified in CFA, then immunized weekly for seven weeks with PCC alone. Anti-PCC and anti-MCC Ab levels were measured by ELISA before immunization and at four and eight weeks after immunization. ?: anti-PCC Ab titers in serum.?: anti-MCC Ab titer in serum (n=4). (B) Lupus-prone BXSB mice (H-2b) were immunized with PCC using the same protocol as for the B6 mice. ?: anti-PCC Ab titers in serum. ?: anti- MCC Ab titers in serum (n=10).